Pocket Guide to Chaos Magick

Pocket Guide to Chaos Magick

1. Buy and read the Book of the Law (Liber Al) by Aleister Crowley
2. Make a study of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses in the Book and reread it
3. If minded, buy Crowley’s Magick in Theory and Practice
4. Make a study of the same languages as Crowley; Kabbalah, Golden Dawn, etc.
5. Follow the exercises designed to uncover your Will
6. Act upon “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”
7. Act upon “Love is the Law, love under will”
8. Act upon the other instructions in Liber Al (“a feast for every day…” etc.)
9. Practice the Magical System of Thelema as in ‘Magick in Theory and Practice’
10. If minded, align yourself with others of a Thelemic lifestyle


Crowley did not invent Thelema, but he certainly promulgated its philosophy and wrapped the existing
magical systems around its heart. The Book of the Law is worthy of study by all those enquiring about
the Universe, as it synthesises all of Crowley’s teachings, despite the inherent problems caused by it
being a “transmitted” document. It is important not to miss the other Holy Books written by Crowley,
which are often sublime mystical tracts of the greatest value and beauty. Don’t believe the publicity
about Crowley – discover him for yourself. Magick without Tears is extremely useful and clearly
written, but more useful once you’ve already started the practice of a Thelemic Attitude. Crowley
would have wound Psychosyhnthesis into his work if it had been developed earlier, so that’s worth a
look as a psychological take into the uncovering of Will. The main problem with studying Crowley is
that it is hard work – you will need to ensure you have a background in many other schools of thought
to get a full comprehension of his body of work.

In Real Life …

There are a number of OTO’s, the organisation that promotes Crowley’s philosophy. You don’t have to
join any of them to be a Thelemite, but they can function as useful contact agencies to make links with
other Thelemites. Don’t expect to see eye-to-eye with anyone else, though! By it’s very nature,
Thelema encourages the individual to approach their life on their own grounds, so many Thelemites are
positively individualistic – with all that that implies! The weirdest Thelemic-related event I have had
involved my wife and I being hounded around a domestic supermarket by a wild-eyed Thelemite we
knew warning us of the dire consequences of revealing to others the secret conspiracy he was
broadcasting to all and sundry across the supermarket! Needless to say, the politics of Thelema often
detract from those working with it.

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