The occult in 2018

The occult in 2018

Those of us interested in the occult in 2018 may feel like an outsider . An overall number of the world is leaning more towards atheism, and studies into the occult are often laughed at. Although this is a following often laughed at, there are still many believers in the dark arts. There are many texts still being written in 2017 on the topic of the occult. There are also still many believers in religion, in general. This site has been recently renovated to keep up to date information on modern occult.

We bring the best books, documentaries, supplies and more for modern day occultist. If you are not experienced and are looking for good starter guides, we have a few highly recommended texts to get started.

For over 50 years Richard Cavendish has revised this masterpiece. This text provides a history of witchcraft, demonology, alchemy, Kabbalah and many more topics, in one of the best reads for beginners. You can find used copies for about $9 and this book won’t be as confusing for an experienced occultist. Richard Cavendish was an established British occult author educated at Oxford University. He is best known for authoring The Black Arts and also authoring his 24 Volume Man, Myth & Magic an Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Supernatural Volume 1 (Volume 1) 





Much like the Black Arts, The Encyclopedia of the Occult is great for beginners but can be a lot to take in. John Michael Greer is a Freemason and award winning author of more than 45 books and has also been a member of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He goes into magical orders such as the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucians including much of the mainstream occult practices such as Tarot. His book can also be found used for $9 . This text can give valuable insight on someone who has been within the rankings of high magic, much of which is kept under wraps.





A personal favorite, Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig can be another tough but good read for beginners. This text delves into the topics of astral projection, healing rituals, how to create your own rituals and how to create your own talismans and amulets. It is recommended that this book is bought in conjunction with the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck, however any tarot will suffice. Donald is also generous to provide personal stories and illustrations to get through the book. I recommend this read for anyone studying the occult.




We provide many more recommendations (and freebies) on texts here. We even have tips for gathering hard to find supplies.

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