Astral Project in Theory

Astral Project in Theory

Every living being has an astral body, along with the physical one. Astral projection is an ability to experience the world with your astral body, rather than with the physical one. Of course, during the time spent projecting your astral body, you must remember that you are not bound just to this physical world, but also with the astral world. A lot of.good things can happen – you can make contact with the astral beings, visit distant parts of the world or even universe, visit different times, as well as possible events. A distant healing and help is also possible. But, remember that there is a downside to all of this. There are bad things that can happen. Once you’re in the astral world, you become susceptible to every kind of energy there is. And I mean every kind. Both good and evil. Therefore, in order to have the best possible experience from the astral projection, you have to take precautions by protecting yourself, your connection with your astral body, as well as your environment.

Let’s start from the basic. Astral body is the astral image of your own body. It looks and feels as your own body, but it can also be presented as a silvery shine in a form of a human body. From the plexus area of your physical body to the plexus area of your astral body runs a silvery shiny canal. This canal can lengthen almost indefinitely, but, as it lengthens, it also becomes thinner. Through that canal runs your vital energy, or chi. The flow of chi through that canal must remain the same in order for you to consciously have an astral experience. Many people who had a spontaneous astral projection don’t report seeing that canal, and it is normal, since there iz enough energy in your astral body to stay there for hours. We must also keep in mind that the energy drains as the time passes by, so you must find a way either to raise your energy level, or to simply wake up in your physical body.

Some hermetists interpret some vivid dreams as a spontaneous astral projection. We all had such dreams. But, what makes astral dream different from any other dream is the fact that we often have so much control in the dream and/or we remember something which turns out to be true. Personally, I had dreams that described events in the near future, or gave me the answers to my questions. I even had a dream about how to treat the lower back pain.

When dreaming, we are more openly connected with the astral world than in the state of awakeness. One of the ways to have an astral projection, or OOBE (out of body experience) is actually based on dreaming, or, to be more specific, on controlling dreams. It can also be a great practice for preparing yourself for astral projection.

There are different methods available, and none of them is easy. There is a lot of effort required for a couple of minutes long astral travel. But, as it is with all the skills, practice makes perfect! People have reported having an OOBE for more than six hours. Of course, there are cases when people disconnected themselves from their physical body and wandered away into the astral world, never coming back. Or trying to come back when it’s too late, when physical body is drained and exhausted.

This is not an atempt to scare you away from the astral projection, but to warn you what you must keep in mind before even thinking about astral projection. This is not just like the trip to the local supermarket. This is like planing the trip to the Moon. It takes months and months of training and preparing both of your bodies for this trip. You need to build up your energy, and I am not talking about eating a lot of carbs, although, a proper dietary habits would make this even easier. So, let’s focus on that now.

As for the physical energy, you don’t have to be all in muscles, but you don’t need to be skinny either. Control your body weight by measuring BMI. Also, practice relaxing your muscles every night before you fall asleep. You can start by constricting the muscle willingly while inhaling, and then, while exhaling, relax that particular muscle or muscle group. For example, inhale and tighten the muscles around your neck. Hold it. And, while exhaling, relax the muscles around your neck. Continue with the rest of the muscles. You will definitely sleep better and feel better once you wake up.

As for the diet, it is important that you don’t starve yourself, don’t eat meat more than three times a week, drink plenty of fluids (tea, water, fresh fruit juice), eat fresh vegetables and fruits. No need to starve nor to get fat.

You can improve the level of your energy by maintaining the inner peace. Then you can easily listen to your inner voice and it will be easier for you to experience astral projection.

Get a diary and start keeping it. Only, this time it won’t be full of your sympathies, imaginary friends and childish thoughts, it will be used for writing down your dreams when you wake up. By doing this, you are increasing the control you have over your dreams. This will be described in the Dream Control Method article.

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